Seven steps to a calmer mind

To contemplate reality, one has to get himself there. St. Augustine would claim that without moral purity no contemplation of truth is possible. However, even to get this drive towards the good and moral, to be able to grasp it, some discipline and silence, that is space for the mind to reflect are necessary.

Loneliness, personality and society

Born into society, we reflect through it on ourselves. The role of an ideal community is to make us independent so that we can make our decisions. But we make choices among people; hence, due to our need for society, loneliness does not feel well for we are devoid of meaningful communication. Thus, to understand

The Value of Simplicity and Order

If one wants to achieve concentration, productivity, and stability in one’s endeavours, then one should consider simplicity and order in daily life. Less distraction in every area results in better efficiency. Heightened focusing is needed especially if one’s undertakings are intellectual. However, a transparent life is also required to grow practically and morally, where morality