Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering publishing your work on SP. We want to encourage an open dialogue in the philosophical community. Your article can be written in a free manner without the need for extensive quotation and adherence to strict and time-consuming publishing rules. Someway, we want to see philosophy to stop being primarily the subject of academic curiosity and become noetic again as it was in Greek and Roman thought. Noetic (intellectual) necessarily transforms the whole reality of a person; it’s as much theoretical as practical.

There is no specific length that we require from the article. Generally, it should be between 1000–4000 words. We will help to edit and publish it in a short time.

The Author must not plagiarize any material submitted. Plagiarism shall result in immediate rejection of the manuscript. All material created by anyone other than the Author shall be cited properly.

SP will publish only writings connected to western classical philosophy (as represented in the work of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Augustine, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, and some others) and its ethical standards. If the article doesn’t even indirectly correspond to either our content or stylistic rules,  we may decline it without giving the Author any explicit reason.  

We don’t keep the copyright to guest articles. However, we prefer them published solely on our website. Also, we keep the right to delete any article at any given moment; the same doesn’t apply to the Author – although they can request deleting the manuscript (if there is such a need), we hold the right to keep declining doing so for ten years since the factual date of its publishing. However, the editing of the article required by the Author is possible at any time. By sending the article to us, the Author inevitably complies with the aforementioned rules.

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